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Social media allows us to connect with others and to expand our knowledge about ourselves and the world around us. The rise of social media has led to an increased amount of interactions between people of different ages, races, and nationalities. It has also been used a source of news. In fact, most people in today’s world use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter rather than newspapers and news reports to gain new insight into global and local events. However, the expansion and widespread use of social media has its costs. Cyberbullying is the harassment and targeting of person through online media and technology. It is a growing problem in today’s world, as a result of our technological advancements. However, various solutions towards…show more content…
Restrictions towards internet use will not be enforced due to the idea of wu wei, or effortlessness. Bans on the internet will only serve to strengthen the severity of bullying. Instead, one’s emotions can be controlled by reconnecting with nature in order to find inner peace. To Daoist believers, nature is the way to a path of peace and harmony. It “nurtures all things with the wholeness of complete virtue”. As a result, those who bully others online must learn to redirect their negative feelings in other manners, such as taking a stroll through a park, going on a hike, or just observing nature. A strong relationship with nature as a means of controlling one’s anger will lead to a less chance for verbal harassment to present themselves. Instead of acts of violence, acts of kindness will sure occur. Bullies should be encouraged to act in an effortless manner, one that does not care about the opinions of others or based solely on negative feelings. In this practice of wu wei, people will act naturally towards both kindness and…show more content…
Bullies, based on Hanh’s teachings, should be required and encouraged to practice meditation and mindful thinking on a daily basis. As a result of this way of thinking, one is capable of appreciating all aspects of life and developing a sense of understanding of the world around them. It will, in addition, give them the ability to acknowledge, accept, ease, and release his or her negative feelings, feelings that might have had a helping hand in causing online harassment. In addition, Hanh stressed the idea of interbeing, which is the idea that we “cannot just be by ourselves alone. We have to inter-be with every other thing”. Since we are all connected, we are obligated to treat everything and everyone with kindness and respect. When we don’t do so, we are not only harming the person or thing we negatively affected but also ourselves. In other words, when one bullies another person online, they are not only causing harm to their victim, but also negatively affecting their own sense of peace and happiness. Buddhist teachings will help to give bullies a new mindset that is kind and

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