Darci Bowen Essay

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Respiratory therapist is a type of specialized healthcare practitioner, typically, specializing in cardiology and pulmonology. Often time’s respiratory therapists are in charge of initiating and managing life support, breathing treatments, and blood gas tests. Some other tasks include pulmonary function, education in asthma clinics, and serve as clinical providers in cardiology clinics and cath- labs. These were the typical responsibilities of Darci Bowen when she first started as respiratory therapist at Enloe hospital in Chico, Ca. A time before licensure was required Darci Bowen went to school at Butte Community college and worked in the health field. After graduation, she became a full time employ at Enloe Hospital before moving to Washington State following a job opportunity as respiratory therapist. Eventually, moving to a job in 1987 at Sutter Delta medical Center where she is currently employed. Stepping up her position from respiratory therapist to manager of respiratory therapy and EEG services in September of 1996, which she continues to do today. Through her almost twenty years of service as manager, she has obtained many experiences that have shaped her into the manger she is today. She has come across many different forms of leadership. Some people…show more content…
She had a more gradual progression into her position as manager. Knowing from an early start in her career, she wanted to be a manger. She stated that in one interview for a potential job position when asked why she wanted the job she responded with “one day I want your job,” (Bowen, D., 2015). She worked her way up to her position so it would be easier in the transition process. She started out as just helping with things that were above her positions qualifications and requirements. By doing this, she slowly furthered her knowledge eventually growing into the managerial
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