Darden Restaurant Case Study Essay

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State any business problem that the enterprise needs to resolve.
I think that since the Darden company is outsource both the cutting of salmon to the proper portion size and the cracking/ peeling of shrimp more cost- effectively offshore than in U. S. distribution centers or individual restaurants. It appears to me they might have some economical issue. (Heizer, Render, 2011)

Briefly summarize relevant background information from the case.
Darden Restaurants, owner of popular brands such as Olive Garden and Red Lobster, serves more than 300 million meals annually in over 1,700 restaurants across the U. S. and Canada. To achieve competitive advantage via its supply chain, Darden must achieve excellence at each step. With purchases
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With outsourcing, you can have your business operating round the clock. This is because you get to work with various freelancers from different parts of the world working in different time zones.
What are some outsourcing opportunities in a restaurant?
1. Payroll and taxes
2. Website maintenance and Internet marketing
3. Seafood harvesting and cleaning
4. Warehousing of Small-ware and food products
5. Transportation
6. Kitchen cleaning and laundry
What supply-chain issues are unique to a firm outsourcing from 35 countries?
1. Possibilities of excess inventory due to multiple suppliers in the loop (due to improper communication)
2. Poor quality due to failure to inspect
3. Less transparency over transactions and control (in case of independent suppliers)
4. Unaccountability and irresponsibility of some suppliers
5. Difference in time zones
6. Productivity of overseas employees
7. Differences in work procedure and culture
Examine how other firms or industries develop international supply chains as compared to Darden.
Unlike Dell or an automobile manufacturer that needs to adopt a response strategy to meet changing customer requirements, I believe that the key to Darden's success is its differentiation strategy through the provision of 'fresh' quality food. Having several supply chain strategies (its solution) for such perishable (low shelf life) products with seasonality across the globe is crucial for Darden's success. The example of
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