Darfur Human Rights Violations

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Darfur is located in the western region of Sudan, adjacent to Chad and Central Africa. In early 2004, the Sudanese government and state sponsored militia carried out the Darfur genocide. The targets of the genocide were black African tribes. The genocide in Darfur has claimed approximately 300,000 lives and displaced over 3 million people. In response to these mass atrocities the international community took action to ensure the perpetrators were held responsible. On September 18th, 2004, the U.N. Security Council passed Resolution 1564, which authorized an International Commission of Inquiry of Darfur (ICID). The objective of this inquiry was to “investigate human right violations and determine whether genocide had occurred in Darfur.”…show more content…
Abdallah is the Commander-in-Chief of the Justice and Equality Movement and Saleh is the current Minister of National Defense in Sudan. Abdallah is charged with three counts of war crimes and Saleh is charged with seven counts of crimes against humanity and six counts of war crimes. Three counts of war crimes for both Abdallah and Saleh are attributed to an attack against African Union Mission in Sudan (AMIS) in 2007. AMIS was on a peacekeeping mission. On 16 June 2010, Abdallah and Saleh arrived at The Hague. The hearing about the charges being put forward against Abdallah and Saleh was held in December despite both defendants deciding to not be present and instead stayed in their cells. There were 89 victims who participated in the confirmation hearing (by way of legal representation). On March 7, 2011, the case against Banda and Jerbo was sent to trial. PTC 1 concluded that the war crime charges against Banda and Jerbo were valid. After the assumed death of Saleh Mohammed Jerbo Jamus, a status conference was held on July 18, 2013, to decide whether to drop the ICC charges against him and how to proceed with prosecuting the co-accused Abdalla Abakaer Nourain. A decision is pending. Although there was never an actual death certificate found, there was enough evidence to convince the judge that Jerbo had been killed in a rebel attack in North Darfur in April 2013. TC IV ended the case against Jerbo on October 4,
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