Dark Angel As A Dark Angel

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Dark Angel by David Klass is a story of a 12 year old boy named whose brother goes to state penitentiary for murder and was sentenced to life. Jeff gets bullied throughout his school year forcing him and his parents to move to a different state. Jeff and his family's life was going great until five years later when his brother got out earlier than expected. He started to become paranoid about everything he always thought the cop were going to pull him out of class and question him about his brother. His girlfriend's father made them stop talking once he found out about his brother. Once Troy Jeff’s older brother arrived he tried to be nice to Jeff but he wasn't having it, he just wanted him gone and out of his life. After awhile of Troy attended one of Jeffs soccer games and ended up getting in a fight with one of Jeffs teammates. After the game the boy Troy fought disappeared and the first person everyone went for was Troy which was bad for Jeff because he started to get bullied again. Police continued to investigate a found the car that belonged to the missing boy. Jeff suspected that it was Troy the whole time but police couldn’t find evidence and Jeff had no he didnt tell anyone his suspensions about troy until the last minute and it was to late. Jeff and I are similar in some ways but also different in ways we both share the same view of the world but are viewed by the world in distinctive ways and I would have responded in a different way to the central
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