Dark Energy Vs Dark Matter

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Dark matter and dark energy are some of the most mysterious phenomena in the universe, sparking interest in many astronomers and physicists today. Although we haven’t yet found any way to directly observe either dark matter or dark energy, scientists have been able to see it’s effects and confirm the existence of these abstract forces.
First of all, dark energy and dark matter are not as similar as you may think. They both are extremely difficult if not impossible to detect and very little is known about either but the similarities end there. Dark matter is the word we use to explain the large amounts of matter that’s gravity keeps galaxies from ripping themselves apart. Dark energy, unlike dark matter is the force that counteracts gravity
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Essentially, it is the undetectable matter that influences the gravity of galaxies and the way we perceive light from distant galaxies. This gravitational effect is the only way we know that dark matter is there. This is because without a considerable amount of matter in addition to the regular matter in the universe, large galaxies would not be able to the forces of gravity and makes up more of the universe than dark matter and regular matter combined (about 68% of the universe)
One theory on this is the possibility that the expansion of the universe is just a property of “empty space”. This theory has to do with the fact that empty space is not empty and may have its own form of energy that makes galaxies continually spread out. A similar theory suggests that the universe’s expansion is due to the virtual particles popping in and out of existence in an incredibly short amount of time. This theory suggests that these particles give off a small amount of energy that could expand the universe. Another theory claims that dark energy is an energetic fluid that fills empty space and expands all of space.
In conclusion, Dark matter and dark energy cannot be observed but affect our universe in strange ways, and even though we know there effects are still quite a mystery scientists
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