Dark Life by Ray Taylor

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However, defining life has always been a tougher task for any member of the scientific community, and glossaries in textbooks across the world can vary drastically. Combine the two words, however, and an entirely new and even more complex topic exists.

In Michael Ray Taylor’s book Dark Life, all definitions of life are questioned drastically. Taylor and a team of scientists dive miles deep into caves, both previously explored and never before seen, to further the world’s knowledge on bacterial organisms and to discover the true definition of life.

He names the organisms he finds ‘dark life’ as they are able to form ecosystems and even food chains without the help of sunlight, photosynthesis, or oxygen. This alone questions everything the standard definition of life states.

However, one may question, “what qualifies Taylor to do such a thing?” Michael Taylor is a writer. One may now declare that a writer has no knowledge of microbiology, or any biology for that matter, and is in no way shape or form qualified to write a book about said topics.

One would be wrong.

Taylor has written for the National Geographic Traveler and the website of the Discovery Channel. He has also consulted on documentaries for National Geographic, PBS, and The Discover Channel. He is a professor at Henderson State University and…
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