Dark Light Streams From The Ceiling

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Dim light streams from the ceiling. Contemporary pop music plays in the background. Sitting in plush red armchairs, small groups of white men stare expectantly at a large stage. On it, a scantily clad woman has just begun her routine. With a club capacity at just over 200, Deja Vu Nashville “gives way to 40+ sexy nude nubile in a relaxing atmosphere that you could almost call home.” A popular Nashville strip club, Deja Vu Nashville creates a heavily sexualized environment, where gender and sexuality are both explicit and exaggerated. Moreover, at Deja Vu Nashville, strong gendered expectations exist for females and males as sexual objects and performers, respectively. Cultural norms about gender and sexuality are reproduced and propagated in distinct ways, such as the appearance of dancers, stage performances, and interactions with customers. Ultimately, the roles of men and women in strip clubs reinforce heterosexuality and male dominance, as well as stereotypical notions about women. Through their appearance, dancers are constantly doing gender based on assumptions about customers’ preferences. The amount of money and attention that dancers earn from customers is highly dependent on how sexy and feminine they appear to the audience. An attractive appearance symbolizes doing heterosexuality and femininity well. At Deja Vu Nashville, the customers were predominantly white males. Very few men of color were present, and no women. Furthermore, none of the dancers were

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