Dark Matter Does Not Emit Energy Or Light Making?

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Scientists can only directly observe 20 percent of the known universe, the remainder of the material is unseen (Grant 2013). While 26.8 percent is known as dark matter (Redd 2014) a type of subatomic particle that has not yet been characterized (Grant 2013). Dark matter does not emit energy or light making it a problem for scientists to prove it even exists (Redd 2014). By ruling out what dark matter cannot be, this helps provide a better understanding and helps to narrow the possibilities down (Science.nasa.gov 2014). Accidentally stumbling upon signs of dark matter in the 1930s and further studies during the 1950s implied that there was a lot more matter in the universe that could be observed by the naked eye (Drexler 2009), there have…show more content…
While comparing this to the total light emitted he found that the light out put per unit mass fell short by a factor of over 100 times more (Redd 2014), Fritz claimed that a large amount of matter was not being accounted for (Learner.org 2014). This was the first real evidence of the existence of dark matter (Redd 2014). Shortly after In the 1950s astronomers analyzed multiple spiral galaxies and predicted the material on the outside would move slower opposed to the material moving faster on the inside based on Newton’s laws (Grant 2013). Instead they had discovered stars in different locations within the galaxy’s travelled at the same velocity (Redd 2014). This defies Newton’s laws, unless there is another force that is interacting with the galaxies that we cannot see (Grant 2013). This is another indication that the galaxy’s contained more mass than was visible (Redd 2014), providing further evidence of the existence of dark matter, but the problem was how can you find something that isn’t there (Learner.org 2014). Billions of these strange dark matter particles pass through everything they encounter each second including Earth (Redd 2014). Dark matter is thought to be so massive its weight has the power to influence the galaxies, how they form and how fast they spin as Fritz Zwicky discovered (Dark Matter; The Undetectable Mass 2014). Dark mater’s presence is everywhere, there are many suspects but
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