Dark Matter and Dark Energy

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Dark matter and dark energy are two entities that have very little known about them, except that they make up about 95 percent of the universe. Even though this is a large part of the universe, it wasn’t even thought about until the 1960’s or the 1970’s. This is because of the fact that it is very hard to detect and almost impossible to see. Although it is impossible to see, we can see the effects of them both in our galaxy. One way that we can “see” the dark matter is the movement of the Milky Way Galaxy. While studying the Milky Way, scientists noticed that the outer rings of the galaxy were moving at the same speed as the inner rings (“Dark Energy, Dark Matter”, n.d.) . This may seem normal, but, due to the law of gravity, the outer…show more content…
MACHO’s may be neutron stars, black holes, or brown dwarfs. The reason why they think that MACHO’s may be dark matter is because neutron stars and black holes are big enough to cause the gravitational changes, but the downside to these theories is that, both neutron stars and black holes are caused because of supernovae, which are not common occurrences, and they should put off high amounts of energy and elements, but there aren’t any signs of these things in sufficient amounts in the halos of galaxies. but it could also be the MACHO brown dwarf, which are stars that are one eighth of the mass of the sun. Astronomers have found brown dwarfs around other stars and planets, but there isn’t any evidence of large enough clusters to cause the gravitational changes caused by dark matter. Dark matter could also be WIMP’s, which are subatomic particles that aren’t made out of regular matter. These could be neutralinos, axions, and neutrinos. Neutrinos were originally thought to not have mass, but in 1998, a neutrino was found that has mass, but it doesn’t have enough mass to contribute to dark matter. Axions may have small amounts of mass, but it is stated that there would be large amounts of it that were made by the big bang. They are now searching for axion particles in our solar system’s halo and in the sun. Neutralinos are particles that are

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