Dark Romanticism As A Literary Genre Essay

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Dark romanticism originated from the despairing nature from the sub genre 's literature and the impact from earlier romantic literature. Furthermore, even though it represented the opposite of philosophical belief, dark romanticism is a literary sub genre that was developed in the mid-nineteenth century during the transcendental philosophical movement. Because dark romanticism derived in this fashion and began in the fascinating time period of 1840-1860, it produced some of the most recognized writers and greatest pieces of American literature, and it will go down as one of the greatest eras of all time. (Dark romanticism. November 01, 2016)
Romanticism is a movement that was generally a reaction against rationalism of the enlightenment, it also indicated imagination and strong emotion. It placed much emphasis on emotions such as terror, trepidation, and the sublimity of nature. Romanticism goes back to the definite groups of artists, poets, writers, musicians, political, philosophical and social thinkers in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries in Europe. Romantics also exposed elements of knowledge through intuition.(Romanticism. Retrieved November 17, 2016)
Transcendentalism was a philosophical and social movement that came about around 1836. Although it was just a simple idea, it goes beyond people 's senses. Transcendentalists were those who accepted the ideas that people had, not as religious beliefs but in a way of people understanding life relationships.
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