Dark Sides of the Mass Media

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Media is the most powerful weapon in the world. It can make common people popular in one day, it can make an innocent person be convicted in the court of public opinion by mistake, or it can damage both the reputations and personal lives of successful people. How much and how often should the public know about personal lives of people? Is it important for mass media to carefully consider what “the right to privacy” means? Are journalists aware of the fact that they sometimes make the whole situations worse while intending to satisfy the public`s endless hunger for daily coverage of the news? Mass media`s unnecessary and constant focus on people`s lives are very bad for two main reasons. Firstly, intense attention of media can cause a lot of damage to people. For instance, “Trash or Journalism” - a program on Sensational TV describes the moment when Oliver W.Sipple deflected a gun directed at President Ford. After that courageous action, Oliver became an instant hero and well-known. In spite of this exaltation, journalists also revealed his sexual orientation, and it sparked off severe anguish inside him. Another example is when the rushed speculation of the media can turn some people`s lives into a relentless nightmare. One example of this is Richard Jewell`s tearful story. This person saved numerous people`s lives, and he was hailed as a hero just like Oliver W.Sipple. Later, when he was accused of putting those people`s lives in danger, all media and inquisitive
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