Darkness Visible By William Styron

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Depression has presented itself in society well before the scientists of today were able to begin research and truly try to understand this disease. Depression in its earliest form was known as “melancholia”. The earliest accounts of melancholia appeared in ancient Mesopotamian texts in the second millennium B.C. ("Mental Help Historical Understandings of Depression Comments", 2007). Mental illness back during these times were thought to be of demonic possessions and/or punishments from the almighty God. Society at this time did not believe that there was a problem that was taking place in the brain and changing the behaviors of individuals affected by the diagnosis. Darkness Visible by William Styron is vulnerable account of his own stretch…show more content…
Also called major depressive disorder or clinical depression, it affects how you feel, think and behave and can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems (("Depression (major depression)"). For an individual to be diagnosed with depression they must first meet 5 of the 9 criteria as stated in the DSM-V. After being diagnosed the individual most likely will begin to explore treatment options that can range anywhere from medication to psychotherapy. There are three different types of therapies: cognitive-behavioral therapy which examines the way behaviors and the way you think about them factor into your depression. Also, interpersonal therapy which happens to be focused on the relationships with the people around and how they affect you emotionally, physically, and psychologically. Lastly, there is problem- solving therapy which involves honing in on the specific problems and a therapist is there to help the individual in understanding how everything should…show more content…
I have been exposed to the concept of depression before but never like the way I’ve been exposed to while reading Darkness Visible. The theme that kept appearing throughout the novel was one of loneliness. While Styron is explaining the situations of the different artists he allows himself to feel vulnerable in his own self and I think that makes it easier for him to come to terms that he needed professional help. The decision for him to not end his life was a strong one. Styron’s constant fight with his self-worth and self-esteem deepened as I progressed throughout the novel. The belief that the disease of depression in not the bodies of those that suffer from depression create a controversial aspect in regards to the recovery of these individuals. The most enjoyable parts of the book were when Styron chooses to utilize psychotherapy and pharmacology to aid him in conquering his
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