Darlene Druyun and Mike Sears Ethical Violation Essay

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Misconduct Shocks the Defense Industry

In 2003 misconduct of conflict-of-interest laws shocked the defense industry. Serious violations were committed at The Boeing Company by former top Air Force procurement official Darleen Druyun who admitted to helping The Boeing Company obtain a $23 billion tanker refueling contract in exchange for an executive job at the company. While verbally accepting a position with Lockheed Darlene Druyun did not disclose her job negotiations with a Mike Sears a Chief Financial officer while overseeing aerial tanker negotiations between Boeing and the U.S. Air force. This non-commitment to ethical behavior and compliance gave Boeing a competitive advantage while bidding on the contract.

There were
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The Categorical theory is ethical only if it is acceptable for everyone to put into practice. Yes, if this scandal was not brought to the attention of the Boeing and the U.S. Attorneys they may have gotten away with it. Pulling in the other direction, if everyone lied on bidding contracts and favored their each other the world would be in chaos. These two theories are contradictory and leave you to ponder if they are right or wrong, while the categorical theory proves to be unethical. The pull from the virtue theory challenges Boeing's leadership to change the culture that allowed violations to occur and to handle the problem before it’s too late. Ethics and compliance are all of our responsibilities as the company motto vs. of the unwritten code of silence and the good old boy motto. The golden rule establishes a culture that ensures that there is no next time because if there not careful it can happen again. The investigations took six long years not to mention the world had changed their view of the Boeing Company. A newspaper headline read “Misconduct Shocks Defense Industry”. This National disgrace stands out, because this violation extends beyond favorable negotiations with Boeing. In this case, Darlene Druyun may have influenced the competition. Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems and Raytheon (in a unit later sold to L-3 Communications) were also in the running for the contract. Druyun never
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