Darling Harbour Cultural Factors

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Darling Harbor is in the centre of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It comprises restaurants, an IMAX cinema, Madame Tussauds, Maritime museums and Chinese Garden. Darling Harbour and The Rocks are the first and second most popular destinations for domestic tourists in NSW (Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, 2015) since it provides national and international visitors with a place to relax, to entertain, and to interact with others. The ecosystem in Darling Harbour is not unique because it is not an area of significant vegetation, and there is no existence of threatening species. Also, for indigenous plants and animals, Darling Harbour is not an important habitat within the ecosystem. However, since 1996, Darling Harbour has frequently…show more content…
Analysis of likely impact All stages of the proposed project have direct or indirect impacts on the environmental, social and cultural factors. However, it has limited effects on archaeological or historic sites The community is likely to be impacted by the proposed project directly or indirectly; hence, public consultation with the community and relevant stakeholders in the early stage is a crucial step. The public comment ensures that affected residents and related interested parties’ ideas are taken into consideration. The public consultation consists of two steps; the first one is to inform the community and relevant stakeholders the adverse impacts of the proposed. This move involves community meetings, public notices, and public display. Also, informative flyers will be distributed, and a telephone hotline will be open for direct inquiries. The second phase is to gain feedbacks and concerns from the community. Then identify and evaluate these concerns, and make modification on the proposed project. This step consists of community surveys, community workshops, and community seminars. Also, after gathering and identifying feedbacks, meetings will be organized with the relevant stakeholders to discuss measures to avoid, remedy or minimize adverse effects of some actions of the proposed
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