Darrington And Dousay: Article Analysis

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Article Summary
The world is vastly changing. With it, is the classroom and the ways in which students work and think. They are not motivated by mundane instructions that they have no relation to. According to Boscolo & Hidi (2007), “Paper-based writing projects are often foreign to student interest and what they relate to in their daily life” (p. 29). This lack of interest and motivation has led to an increase in writing struggles amongst students in various schools. Brett Darrington and Tonia Dousay attempt to take a closer look at students’ writing struggles and suggest an alternative. Using various sources and studies, they look at the use of Multimodal teaching and student needs to find a solution to the problem.
The main component of the article was based on three factors that came into question when assessing kids and writing projects. These three included: Autonomy, students feel like they have control over the assignment; relatedness, students feel like that are able to relate to the assignment, prompt, etc; and third, the most important, the teachers allowance for an environment where a student can feel motivated. According to Darrington and
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The idea of interest seemed to correlate well with completion of assignments. When students are given a writing task that uses problem solving to pique their curiosity, they were more motivated (Darrington & Dousay, 2015, p. 30).
This relates well with the style of class most teachers hope to create. As the article states, using multimodal assignments requires a great deal of work and time, even with the skills needed, assignments can become outdated and mundane rather quick. However, one can take from multimodal assignments, the importance of evolving traditional writing assignments and after comparing the two, they will find that a struggling student will do better and struggle less using the
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