Dartmoor Edge Lodges : The Fairways Of The Legendary Fingle Glen Golf Course

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Dartmoor Edge Lodges Dartmoor Edge Lodges are Scandinavian-style lodges located on the fairways of the legendary Fingle Glen Golf Course. It goes without saying that if you love golfing, then you cannot find a better destination. The alluring Devonshire countryside, spacious log cabins with outdoor hot tubs, and excellent customer service at the park is all you need for your romantic break. The lodges are situated next to the Dartmoor National Park. Guests will have fun exploring the nature trails and the beautiful coast of Devonshire. What’s more, the lovely beach resorts of Devonshire are just 30 minutes’ drive away. You can also access the vibrant Exeter City for entertainment and delectable dining. While at it, why don’t you take time to learn a thing or two about swinging the golf club? You will probably meet other upwardly mobile people on the course and who knows…you might make lifetime friendships with them. The Log Cabins There are 2 log cabins at the site – the Fairway Lodge that sleeps 4 guests and the Fairway Lodge VIP that also sleeps 4 guests. The former does not have an outdoor tub but allows pets at an additional fee while the latter has an outdoor tub but does not allow pets. Dining Options There is no holiday without changing your daily menu of coffee and a few bagels here and there. You need to really feel like you are spending a holiday. That is why we recommend the restaurants near Dartmoor Edge Lodges. Here, you will not be eating burgers and coke. You

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