Darwin Of Americ Lost

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Bethany Shouse
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May 8, 2015

Darwin in America: Lost in Translation

Modern day Americans celebrate their freedom from religion in a way unknown to Americans of the earlier centuries. The previous battles involved the right to worship both inside the classroom and out. Kicking God out of the classroom is a relatively new revolution, and arguably began with the Scopes “monkey trial.” There was a gross misunderstanding of what Charles Darwin had presented and the true meaning of his research was lost in political turmoil that was misrepresented as a religious debate. Scientists explain evolution through a complex maze of theories that have developed their own meaning over time. True Darwinism began in Europe in the 19th century with Charles Darwin himself. In order to understand Darwinism and its meaning, it is best to look at Charles Darwin and the time period in which he was developing his theory. During 19th century Europe, the pace of change was exponential. There were radical ideas of what a woman’s role should include. Although women felt their place was at the polls and working, men did their best to keep them at home. Public education was on the rise as more families moved from a farming role to an industrial work force. There were clear lines drawn amongst the social classes, each class striving to be as successful as the class above them. Those fortunate enough to be part of the social elite went on to higher education and…
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