Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution

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Darwin first presented his theory of evolution by natural selection through his book called ‘On the Origin of Species’. The book was released in 1859 and it explained the process of how organisms changed over time through the result of changes in heritable physical or behavioural traits. These changes allow an organism to adapt to the environment that it inhabits so that the organism’s chances of survival improve and produce more offspring (Than, 2015). However, biological evolution does not simply mean a change over time. It is believed that the central idea of biological evolution is that all organisms on Earth share a common ancestor (Understanding Evolution, 2015). Darwin’s theory ‘presumes the development of life from non-life and stresses a purely naturalistic (undirected) ‘descent with modification’’ (All About Science, 2015). Mutations that aid the survival of an organism are preserved and that is a process called natural selection. The beneficial mutations are passed on to the next generation and over time, the beneficial mutations accumulate and the result is variation between organisms (All About Science, 2015). The fact that there are numerous species that are living and extinct shows that there must have been a reason why one organism had the ability to survive and the other did not. Their survival depended on their adaptability to their environment (American Museum of Natural History, 2015).
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