Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution Of Species

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In 1831, a newly graduated botanist named Charles Darwin was offered a position on a five year voyage mapping the coasts of South America. Darwin eagerly accepted this offer, seeing it as an opportunity to study specimens discovered on his journey. Upon returning to London, Darwin spent the next ten years meticulously cataloging and researching his findings. It was these studies that gave birth to a much deeper and more impactful discussion; the origins of species. Prior to Darwin’s studies the discussion of the origin of man was dominated by creationism, or the belief that we derive from god, who created us all in his image. For the next thirty years, Darwin devoted himself to researching the long standing question “where did we come…show more content…
It is more of an alternate perspective on the driving force behind biological evolution. Rather than thinking that natural selection and random mutation lead evolution, theistic evolutionists hypothesize that god only used evolution as a means to create man, a process often referred to as “Guided Evolution”. Regardless of the interpretation, both forms assert that life stems from a common ancestor, created by god and designed to be the beginning of the evolutionary process. A glaring objection to this idea is that of the Book of Genesis, which displays the origin of man from a creationist point of view. According to this piece of work, God created the physical world in entirety within six days, and finally creating man from dust on the seventh day. Theistic evolutionists emphasize the metaphorical meaning behind the Book of Genesis, while holding their position that the words should not be taken literally, and the components of the story did not actually happen. There are several arguments that are made in opposition to guided evolution, the most widely used objection is the “Problem of Evil”. The problem of evil questions how one could reconcile the existence evil in the world with an omnibenevolent god. In regards to guided evolution, if god really designed the entire process with an end goal of creating man, why include so many wasteful and cruel components? If god was in fact all-loving
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