Darwinism Versus Creationism

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Summary of “Darwinism versus Creationism”
In the paper, “Darwinism versus Creationism”, the author, Akudo Ejelonu, attempts to provide an overview of this controversial topic. Adopting a tone of objectivity and balance, Ejelonu begins her piece with the statement that “there is a difference between Darwinism and Creationism” -- the former concerned with science and the latter centered in “belief”. However, by the conclusion of the opening paragraph, her argument appears slanted in favor of the Creationist point of view:
The use of “two origins” to describe the opposing sides is somewhat unclear and the “staying…posing” fragment is perhaps merely faulty grammar. In any case, a more substantive concern is Ejelonu obtuse presentation of the two arguments. Creationists might disagree that they are “crossing boundaries” by using science to prove intelligent design. In fact, the appropriation of so-called “science” to validate the biblical chronology is the crux of the entire debate. Similarly, scientists do not view themselves as “crossing boundaries” to go “against the bible”. They might simply claim they are engaged in explicating a scientific theory based on observable and verifiable evidence.
Ejelonu continues in a similar fashion throughout the paper which includes a somewhat redundant discussion of Darwin and his theories [sic] of evolution
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But, then, such antediluvian thinking -- which periodically swamps the American landscape -- isn’t a question of fossils, floods, or thermodynamics. It’s really a question that dates back even before our puritanical origins at Plymouth Rock: which is more powerful in the evolution of civic life, religious faith or scientific inquiry? Ejelonu paper does not address this
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