Darwin's Theory Of Natural Selection

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Origin of species

Darwin was born in England and is most famous for his work on natural selection. He brought about the idea that all species of life have evolved over time from common ancestors. This process involves favourable traits participated in the process and became more common in successive generations of living things. At the same time, unfavourable features became less common. He presented compelling evidence from his detailed research that included a five-year voyage on the HMS Beagle, besides developing the idea of natural selection.
Darwin wrote a book On the Origin of Species in 1859. Here he detailed much of his research on natural selection. A lot is contained on the evidence to back up his
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His claim was supported by the long episodes of gradual change in organisms in the fossil record. Also on the fact that no naturalist had observed the sudden appearance of a new species during the historical period. Biologists and palaeontologists have documented a broad spectrum of slow to rapid rates of evolutionary change within lineages since that theory.
Darwin later provides evidence that evolution occurred. Here he supported the idea of branching, adaptive evolution without directly proving that selection is the mechanism. He presented supporting facts drawn from many disciplines. This was to show that his theory could explain a myriad of observations from many fields of natural history. The fields were inexplicable under the alternate concept that species had been individually created. Darwin's argument structure showed influence on the philosophy of science. He maintained that a mechanism could be called a Vera causa (true cause) with the demonstration of its existence in nature, ability to produce the effects of interest and its ability to explain a broad range of observations. Darwin’s arguments were that species changed through processes that were subject to laws of nature. He presented natural selection as a scientifically testable mechanism. This was by accepting that other mechanisms such as inheritance of acquired characters were
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In his strategy, most scientists accepted that evolution occurred, but few thought natural selection was significant. Darwin's theories came from the findings of field naturalists studying biogeography and ecology. Here he argued out on the intuitive truth that species are fixed objects created by design.
Darwin's rhetorical way of unravelling the problem centred on efforts on demonstrating the species barrier. He found it different from what he had traditionally thought. He achieved this using a close study of domesticated productions in an attempt to no practical limit towards the changes which breeders could bring about over successive generations. Species were only well-marked varieties and inquiry was ostensibly secondary to his primary task. This explains how new species could come about by natural means. His studies provided the main path to the discovery of the theory and its most effective
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