Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection Versus Creationism Essay

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My research of Darwinian evolution has led me to believe that there is little room for spirituality of any kind in a truly rigorous scientific theory of the origin of life. This is disconcerting, to say the least. Obviously we have outgrown a strictly creationist lens, but has religion become completely obsolete? Does spirituality have a real place amongst the scientific tenets of evolutionary theory, or is it merely a crutch that we lean on? Can God and Darwin co-exist?

The constantly mounting collection of evidence for evolution by natural selection is almost impossible to ignore. However, there is a neo-creationist school of thought, called "intelligent design," attempting to modernize the concept of a God to fit the challenge
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Are the gaps in our knowledge of the origin of species large enough to allow for intelligent design? Despite several inconsistencies, the facts seem inescapably stacked in favor of natural selection. The fossil record is a good example. Though it is incomplete, the various geographic strata contain a wealth of extinct organisms which exhibit distinct evolutionary trends. These include morphological similarities between older species and those that exist today, in both adult and embryo forms.

The implications of this analysis of the fossil record are not good for creationism. The species that exist today were not simply placed on Earth in their current condition, but have come to be over hundreds of millions of years of adaptation. Ernst Mayr states that "embryonic similarities, recapitulation, and vestigial structures raise insurmountable difficulties for a creationist explanation, but are fully compatible with an evolutionary explanation based on common descent, variation, and selection." (31) Mayr is unrelenting in his support of evolution by natural selection, as are the majority of scientists and anthropologists.

Critics of intelligent design argue that any creationist explanation cannot be purely scientific because it is necessary to consider the likelihood of the existence of a higher Intelligence. In other words, until it is proven that there is a God, these theories leave something to be desired.
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