Dashiell Hammett's Life And Accomplishments

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Dashiell Hammett
Dashiell Hammett was born on May 17, 1894; furthermore, he passed away on January 10, 1961. Overall, Dashiell released countless amounts of fascinating short stories, even without having a significant amount of educational experience. At the age of 26, Dashiell Hammett enlisted in the army, but was released one year later due to the hospitalization for Pulmonary Tuberculosis in 1920. Dashiell suffered the effects of the disease for one year, and was forced to leave his family so he would not pass on the disease to his daughter or wife. After being cured of the disease, he went out to work on a farm to obtain the knowledge of agriculture. Dashiell was a self-motivated person that worked an abundance of jobs and was relentlessly hard-working. Although Dashiell was not immensely fortunate in his childhood, he developed into a hard-working man and repeatedly achieved his goals.

The author Dashiell Hammett had minuscule educational experiences. He attended a public school in 1908, however, he disbanded from public school when he was only 14 …show more content…

Thus, working in the detective field granted him the knowledge he would later use to create his mysterious writings incredibly relatable to life. He started to publish his stories in the "The Small Set" in 1922 and only grew more popular from that point on, Dashiell's most famous work we're all mystery stories. After only publishing four stories he became extraordinary, successful, writing works, including "The Thin Man", "Nightmare Town", As well as "The Glass Key." Dashiell created tough characters, specifically Sam Spade, those characters contributed significantly in most of his stories. Dashiell Hammett wrote multiple top chart mystery stories, even though he had an incredibly busy lifestyle. After all, the busy lifestyle encouraged Dashiell to constantly work diligently and never give

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