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Dashman Company and Mr. Post. "Be the Change" – Barrack Obama It is wonderfully satisfying to notice that how one of the punch lines of one of the most successful presidential campaigns of recent history, can so appropriately and so succinctly describe one of the events that happened as early as in the first part of the bygone century. Mr Manson, the president of the Dashman company - which was going through a temporary problem of procuring the vital raw materials for its production stage, hired an experienced professional in Mr Post, empowered him to be the change leader, in a hope that he 'd be able to drive the change and take the firm ahead. And Mr Post, through his actions - which might have made a perfect sense in his previous…show more content…
As discussed earlier, we are putting into practice, the first stage of the plan that the board of directors of the Dashman company approved, in order to deal with the existing problem pertaining to the procurement of raw materials. In order to manage the purchases and procurements better, all of us would need to notify the head office if we are signing any purchase contracts in excess of $10,000. I understand that the peak buying season is just around the corner and I also understand that this can prove to be an impediment for closing out the bulk deals. Because of the same reason, I talked to the major vendors and suppliers during my last visit and have addressed all the concerns that they anticipated if this change were to put into practice. All of them appreciate the nature and benefits that this change can bring to the vendor community and the Dashman company. They have also assured us of their continued and whole-hearted support. I would like to re-iterate that the ongoing problem, based on my experience, is of a temporary nature and an organised purchasing can help us in expediting and accelerating its resolution. If you have any questions you can write in to me or for a faster response you can talk to Mr X or Mr Y, who are the local contact points to oversee and monitor the compliance and benefits associated with this change in process. I am
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