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SIDDHARTH PAUL IMG-6 063052 DASHMAN COMPANY CASE: WHAT SHOULD BE DONE & WHY Identification of the Problem Subpar Communication & Organizational Behaviour Skills of Mr.Post Action Plan Had I been in the shoes of Mr.Post, I would have done an introspection & analysed whether something was amiss on my part which led to such a situation. Being the Vice president of the company, I would have taken all the blame on myself for not having handled the situation convincingly. Having performed such an analysis my immediate aim would have been to justify my purpose of existence at Dashman company i.e. to ensure the problem related to the purchase of essential raw materials gets over as quickly as possible. This would have been a…show more content…
This might help them recognize the need to respect such a decision, rather than turning a blind eye to it. Also by including them in decision making, it would give them the impression that they are the ones who have taken this decision. So a sense to abide by ‘their’ decision makes them follow it whole-heartedly. •As the VP, Mr.Post should make periodic visits to the plants & make sure that there is proper compliance to the measures finalized. If not him, he could assign this job to Mr.Larson because he knew each of the plant managers personally. And if any unit is not adhering to the rules & regulations and is not giving any practical reason for not doing the same, then that unit should be penalized To suffice at the end, an effective manager must first diagnose the problem (its causes & effects) completely before coming to its
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