Data Analysis And Data Mining Essay

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Executive Summary This report is divided into three task in context to data analysis and data mining. The first task consist of rapid miner and it uses data analysis in order to get the details of the customer. The first part explains the factors effecting the deliquesces. This analysis helps in understanding the data of customer. After all this analysis is done then exploratory analysis is done this is done using rapid miner. This variable are used for making decision tree and logistic regression model which gives the analyst a predictor variables. The next step is making a report on data warehouse and security concerns around it. The last step is tableau software which is being used to manufacturing for San francisco police department. Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 Task 1 3 Task 1(a) 3 Task 1(b) 5 Task 1(c) 6 Task 1(d) 6 Task 1(e) 7 Task 2 Data Warehouse 8 Task 2a Data Warehouse and Security 8 Definition 8 Overview of Data Warehouse Security 8 Importance of Security for Data Warehouse 8 Controls to Ensure Security and Privacy 9 Task 2b Key Ethical Concerns of Data Warehousing 13 Task 3 15 Task 3 Sub Task (c) 15 References 18 Appendix 19 A.1 19 A.2 20 A.3 20 A.4 21 A.5 22 Task 1 Task 1(a) It is very essential for banks to take a step of credit gauging of customer which will help them in knowing everything in detail which will give them a good outcome and it will also increase the profit of the banks. The ratings given to the customer for his credit are the
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