Data Analysis And Data Of Data

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Data: Data is a set of values of measuring or quantitative variables. It contain raw facts, no context and just numbers and text. Data is also called as collection of small matters/ pieces information. Example: 12122014 in this number we don’t have any exact information, so it is a good example for data. Information: Information is data that has been developed and arranged in a regular way. Examples: 12/12/2014 – Final day of classes at Murray State University. $1,000 – My Father’s salary per month. 500095- Zip code of Koti, Hyderabad, India. Database: Database is collection of data which is used to organize the companies. The database consist of data files or set of files, this record is very useful to organize or run that…show more content…
EXTERNAL SOURCE : The external source system will maintain the data of Airport Space , Atmosphere conditions, FAA Directives(FAA- Federal Aviation Administration) A-3) The examples for external data sources which are used by banks: • Knowing the Foreign Exchange currency rates • Taking SQL DBA help to store the bank data. A-4) Difference between Data And Metadata : Data is a just an information/ data is a individual facts, but metadata is information about information. In data just give brief information about thing/things, but in metadata gives total history of things. For example we have taken a world population flow chart in this data gives what is the title of flow chart, but metadata give whole information about flow chart .What is the name of flow chart? Which color indicates which country? It gives population percentage about different countries, on which year it has been measured? Another example is a Text Document file , in this file Data gives what is the text document name?. But Metadata gives what is text document file? When it was written ? who is author of that file? How many days does taken to modify that file? How many pages? A-5) Business Intelligence(BI): Business Intelligence means the conversion of raw data into usfull & meaning full data for business process is known as Business Intelligence.BI application involes the actions of Online Analytical Processing, DSS, Data Mining. Online Analytical
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