Data Analysis And Data Of Data

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Executive Summary Big Data is garnering great recognition for its data-driven decision making methodology. Right from data acquisition where there is a flood of data available, we need to make effective decisions about usage of data. Privacy, scalability, complexity and timeliness are the problems that hinder the progress of Big Data. Today, most of the data available is not obtained in a structured format; therefore data transformation for analysis is a major objection. Data integration is also a critical aspect since most of the data is generated in a digital format. It is a challenge to establish linkage of data. Analyzing data, retrieving it and organizing it to suit our business needs is a crucial part of Big Data Analytics (BDA).…show more content…
Big Data has many challenges and opportunities associated with it, which necessitates us to rethink on aspects such as data management in order to attain desirable outputs. The next generation of BDA lies in its data management and its associated systems, principles and platforms. This will indeed make Big Data in creating a new wave of technological advancements. We believe that BDA will play a huge role in US economy for many years to come. However, Data analysis can be tough without proper direction. If properly directed, Big Data impact can not only be seen through scientific advances, but it can lay the ground work for next generations to come for growth in the fields of business, science, and medicine. Introduction Big Data Analytics is the process of analyzing large amounts of raw information generated and stored. In today 's fast paced technologies, we are inundated with in a tsunami of data before us. All applications, in a broader range are depending on data in a remarkable way. BDA is driving almost every field in our society from Retail, Manufacturing and Mobile applications to life and physical sciences. The Data Analytics techniques are performed to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information. Earlier, Data Analytics were based on guessing and inaccurate data models but currently this can be done directly. Big Data has truly revolutionized scientific research (Computing Research Association 2014). Let us illustrate
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