Data Analysis And Evaluation Of The Evidence And Conclusions Drawn

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Ensure documentation reflects a logical approach to the evaluation of the evidence and conclusions drawn • All the figures are collected from the school’s public survey result forms • These figures are also consulted with the school administration staffs • The data are collected from the first hand or primary research method • This survey is designed and conducted using quantitative data analysis method Adjust management information systems/decision support systems to meet information processing objectives • I have been using the Excel spread sheet to store, edit and update the collected data. These data can be transferred to the required charts, tables by using the relevant formula and Boolean factors. • The Excel spreadsheet can meet…show more content…
These teaching materials should be helpful and supportive to facilitate students completing their tasks and assignment on time. This information are from the school’s training assessment strategies and tools, policies and procedures. • Offer students with learning difficulties some extra free courses of English skill improvement class. The timetable of the English skill class should be consulted with the students. This information is from the student survey and questionnaire results. • Ensure the class delivery methods to be versatile in terms of theory, one-on-one coaching and group discussion to cater for the different students’ learning requirements. This information is from the student and agents, teaching staffs’ survey and questionnaire results. • Communication between administrative staffs and teaching staffs should be more regular, as students are getting different sources of information from different channels. This information is from the school management decision result. Utilise risk management plans to determine acceptable courses of action: Possible risks Severity Business impacts Control methods Contingency plans Purchased computing facilities are poor in quality High Expensive maintenance costs incurred from frequent computer problems Purchase the computers with maximum warranties Lease or rent the computers Teaching materials do not match with assessment requirements Low Business
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