Data Analysis And Interpretation Of A Vision Statement

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Data Analysis and Interpretation Analysis of this data presented integral information that is valuable to developing a vision statement. I realized the school has a lot of diversity, from ethnic/racial distribution to language diversity within the school. Using this information played a large role in the development of the shared vision. This diversity should reflect in the vision statement, where different cultures are celebrated throughout the school. It is imperative that the vision statement embraces acceptance of student differences regarding race, language, disabilities, and economical disadvantages. With regards to student achievement data, curriculum needs to continue to be rigorous and challenge students of all abilities to achieve excellence in a wide range of academic activities. This striving for excellence does not only pertain to academic but the arts, culture, and sporting activities. Lastly, parents and teachers need to work together. Obviously, all teachers have a bachelor’s degree or higher, but almost 75% of parents have an associate’s degree or lower in regards to education level; with 36.8% of parents having the equivalent of a high school degree or lower. It is imperative for these teachers to work with parents in order to provide a well-rounded education for all students. I realize that some parents might have difficulty offering assistance to their child due to the education gap. Developing and Articulating a Shared Vision In order to develop
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