Data Analysis And Presentation Of Data

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This chapter is mainly focusing on the analysis and presentation of data that is obtained from the field research. The researcher used two methods which are interviews and questionnaires and the results were used as the source of data referred to in this analysis. Data was gathered according to the components of working capital set out in the second chapter of the project which are cash, accounts receivable, inventory and accounts payable. The researcher has presented the findings in both writing and graphic communication.
4.2 Response rate
The study is based on a sample of 116 SMEs that are into manufacturing who file their annual returns to the SMEs ministry. The sample was drawn from the directory of Small Medium Industrial Development (SMID) which is a database for registered manufacturing SMEs operating in diverse activities.
FIGURE 4.1 Response rate from questionnaires Questionnaires response rate was 72% as shown in the pie chart below. The 28% non-response is attributed to strict confidentiality and absence of owners or senior management at some firms up to the point when all the other questionnaires were collected and also the reluctance of some organizational personnel to share the internal information, since the area of research were directly related to the financial performance of targeted firm. Responses from interviews were 80% as most of the approached organizations provided all the required…
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