Data Analysis And Results Of An Participant Demographic Profile

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4.3 Data Analysis and Results This study finding are categorised according to research objectives 4.3.1 Background and Experience The first set of questions aimed at understanding participant demographic profile. All respondents were males with experience ranging from ten (10) to forty (40) years in different projects including marine engineering, processing industry, pharmaceuticals industry, civil engineering and construction projects. Some of the respondents had worked on both national and international projects, and private and government projects, and their insights were very helpful. Their experience was essential in determining their involvement in various project and hence their encounter with different stakeholders. Table 6 provides the summary of respondents’ demographic profile. Table 6 Interviewees Profile Interviewee Gender Current Role Years of Experience Industrial Experience A M Senior project engineer 40 Civil and Construction B M Project engineer 35 Civil, Marine, Mechanical and construction C M Senior project engineer 24 Pharmaceutical and construction D M Mechanical project engineer 13 Construction and mechanical E M Senior Project manager 21 Civil and construction F M Senior project managers 16 Civil and construction G M Senior project managers 10 Civil and construction 4.3.2 Project Stakeholders To start, participants were asked who project stakeholders are before assessing how stakeholders are identified and some probing questions followed to get
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