Data Analysis : Data Mining

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Introduction Data, Data everywhere. It is a precious thing that will last longer than the systems. In this challenging world, there is a high demand to work efficiently without risk of losing any tiny information which might be very important in future. Hence there is need to create large volumes of data which needs to be stored and explored for future analysis. I am always fascinated to know how this large amount of data is handled, stored in databases and manipulated to extract useful information. A raw data is like an unpolished diamond, its value is known only after it is polished. Similarly, the value of data is understood only after a proper meaning is brought out of it, this is known as Data Mining. Data Mining is a computer based-process for converting large data volumes to information and knowledge by finding patterns within the data using different techniques. It is sorting through data to identify patterns and establish relationships. Data mining helps resolving problems that are time consuming when traditional techniques are used. Data mining techniques are used to predict future trends and to make wise decisions. There are multiple Data Mining techniques available to the Data diggers to make their life easy. In my study report I will be discussing about the different mining techniques, advantages and disadvantages and also about a use case of the data mining techniques on shark attack dataset to predict the attack of sharks based on various attributes. Data
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