Data Analysis Of A Year 2 Class Essay

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Data Analysis of a Year 2 Class.
After accepting the post of a year 2 class teacher at St John’s Primary School, I have analysed the data given to begin to gain an understanding of my future class. DFE (2011) Teachers’ Standard six notes that you must use relevant data to monitor progress, set targets, and plan subsequent lessons. Even though I have been given a variety of information, it is important that I do not form any general beliefs and presumptions about the children in my class before getting to know them in person. Instead I will use the data to give me an idea of the areas I need to focus on when starting my new job.
From analysing the data I have identified that there are four children with an Educational Health Care Plan, thirteen children with English as an additional language (EAL), seven pupil premium children, one child with Autism, one child on the Child Protection Register (CPR) and one looked after child (LAC). I understand that the CPR and LAC child are two children who will require immediate attention in regards to safeguarding. The SEND code of practice (2014) states that ‘careful consideration should be given to how closely the assessment processes across education, health and care can be combined, in order to ensure that the needs of vulnerable children are put first.’ Whilst teachers are still able to gain additional support from the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo) and interventions, they are responsible for the progression made by
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