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Data Table Analysis LeKane Gilling ACC/542 March 13, 2014 Brad Thompson Abstract In this brief, data tables will be analyzed because it can be critical to the accounting cycle. With accurate data that is informing, Kudler Fine Foods ought to be able to make more practical business decisions. With Kudler Fine Foods using data table to order, keep inventory, and to process their products, they can become more successful and on top of the food industry. As a company, Kudler needs to evaluate their design elements of the data tables that are needed for review from an accounting perspective. An entity relationship program would need to be developed showing the past data tables. A recommendation would need to be met for improvements or…show more content…
Recommendations A recommendation that would be beneficial for Kudler is to provide online ordering. This will allow customers to check out Kudler's website, and this can be a way that Kudler can track how many people view their website daily. This will also allow Kudler to follow the areas such as zip codes to do mailouts, this would advertise their company and their products. Another recommendation that needs to be made is to have one set of GL codes for all three locations. They should have one inventory report that shows all of their products whether it is at another location. This will make it easier for management to follow the inventory lists and to pay more attention to the products that are being sold quicker than others. This will save time having to pull inventory reports for each location and to see what they sold. Since Kudler orders their products from around the world, I think it would be a good idea to have an international GL code for those items that are purchased in different parts of the world. This will also let the customer know where the item that they're purchasing originated. This will make Kudler unique by giving other countries recognition to products that are produced in their parts of the world. According to Microsoft, if you are required to use the exact group of records repetitively, for example, when operators are paging in a grid, it can be competent to fill up those records into a dataset
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