Data Analysis Plan For Quantitative Research Essay

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Data Analysis Plan. To ensure the data collected aligns to the outlined research objectives of the study, the researcher created a data analysis plan. The plan summaries how each research objectives ties directly to each of the questionnaire items. Moreover, the plan outlines the statistical test and any relevant notes for each research objectives. Figure 2 outlines the data analysis plan for this study.
Figure 2. Data analysis plan for quantitative research study being conducted. The plan outlines the research objectives along with corresponding survey items, scale, and planned statistical tests.
Code Book. To easily reference codes established for the dataset, the researcher developed a code book/data dictionary. The code book describes the items on the survey instrument including the variable names, types, scales, descriptions, and the values for each item. Figure 3 outlines the code book/data dictionary for this research study.
Figure 3. Code Book/Data Dictionary for quantitative research study. The code book describes the variable, type, scale, description, and values for each survey item. The three measurement scales. Note: GSE which stands for General Self-Efficacy Scale, SDS stands for Self-Determination Scale, and CDS stand for Career Decision Scale (Newark, Elsässer, & Stieglitz, 2016; Nasab, Kadir, Hassan, & Noah, 2015; Sheldon, 1995).
Population and Sample
Population. For this research study, the population will consist of young adults with ADHD
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