Data Analysis : The Median Age Of The Respondents

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Data Analysis In analyzing the data I collected I found that the average age of the survey respondents was 22.32. The median age of the respondents was 21 years old. The youngest respondents to my survey were 18 years old and made up twenty-nine percent of the participants; the oldest respondent to my survey was 56 years old. Twenty-eight of the thirty-one respondents were 26 years of age or younger at the time they completed the survey. The variance of respondent age is 47.95. The standard deviation came out as 6.92. 47.95 As a variance, means that the data points tend to be spread out from the mean and each other. 6.92 as a standard deviation further illustrates that the data points for this variable spreads out. This is mainly because I had one respondent who was 56 among many younger respondents, throwing off the consistency in age. A majority of the survey participants were male. The responses of 23 males and 8 females made up my survey data. The mean for gender is .74, meaning that there is overall more male participants than female participants in my survey, since 1 represented males and 0 represented females. The mode is 1; there were more males in all. The mode for this variable is also 1. The variance of respondent gender is .19. The standard deviation for this variable came out as .44. The variance of .19 for this variable indicates that the values and data points tend to be very close to the mean. The standard deviation of .44 also illustrates the values and
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