Data Analytics : Building A Better Mouse Trap

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Data Analytics: Building a Better Mouse Trap Ironically, the largest theme park company in the world, Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts, uses a mouse logo as bait to ensnare its prey, the consumer. Through the use of billion dollar technologies, exceptional marketing, and P.T. Barnumesque showmanship, Disney has emerged as a leading innovator and user of capabilities to collect, analyze, and modify its products and services to better entice, manipulate, and ultimately separate the consumer from his or her hard earned money. While Disney’s intentions, like all non-charitable businesses, is to earn a profit, perhaps no other company shares Disney’s understanding of data analytics, its advantages and disadvantages, the associated business management challenges, how data analytics can transform the industry, and what data analytic technologies will yield next in Disney’s efforts to build the proverbial better mouse trap (Barnes, 2013). Understanding Data Analytics In broad terms, data analytics is the process by which any company collects information about its targeted consumer-base, makes sense of the data collected, and based on the resulting assessment of that data, enables business management to determine if change is necessary to better reach the customer. While that description may seem simple enough, the means by which that data is collected has radically changed in the last twenty years and in which a new era in data analytics capabilities as emerged. Not long

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