Data And Analyse Facility Utilisation And Unused Capacity

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Task 2: Utilisation information- evidence/facts, data and analyse facility utilisation and unused capacity
Occupancy rate: hotel Sofitel is an international brand so the popularity of the hotel is increasing day by day. As Sofitel hotel is licensed with planet 21 gold certificate. It uses eco-friendly products and balanced dishes. So now the occupancy rate of the hotel is increasing. It has increased to 86% from 83% in last one year.
Average room rate: Room rate of Sofitel hotel depends upon the type of the rooms. But average room rate starts from $285 NZD. But the prestige and junior suites will have higher rate than that. It differs because different rooms provide different facilities.
Yield percentage: Yield percentage information cannot be gained by the hotel as it is an internal information. But as I researched about the yield percentage of hotel Sofitel they mentioned that normally it is depending on the seasons and how many customers are visiting to their hotel in certain time period.
Seasonality: seasonality matters a lot in the hotel industry as the occupancy is influenced by the different seasons. New Zealand has four seasons. Those are called summer, autumn, winter and Spring which are totally different from each other.
Summer season (December -February) - This is the busiest season as there are many tourists who want to enjoy their summer in New Zealand. There are some special offers in Sofitel hotel as there are some main festivals such as Christmas day, Boxing

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