Data And Information On Data

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Data and Information Many people actually think that data and information can be used interchangeably but this is not true. Data is raw material that has not been processed and has been extracted from the source the way it is. Data is also unorganized therefore cannot be used for a meaningful purpose. On the other hand, information is processed data therefore the latter has to be organized into a meaningful manner for the former to exist. A good example of how data and information interact is through the use of computers; the computers need data and they process it into information that is usable by humans. In the case of a computer, data is a series of 1s and 0s which means the data has not been organized or interpreted therefore the human cannot understand it, but when these 1s and 0s are organized by the computer they give out information that can be used in decision making. Data forms the foundation for information and knowledge. Data exists in the form of pictures, words, numbers, character, sound, and video that have little or no meaning to the user. The etymology of the two terms can also be used to explain their difference. Data comes from the Latin word datum which means something given. In the literal meaning, something given is handed over the way it is or in its original form. The word “information” means the act of providing knowledge. The act of informing involves imparting knowledge, instructing or giving useful information to an audience. Information is
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