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Unit 5 Research Assignment 1: Compare the Different Relational Database Management Systems
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SQL Server Vs. Oracle Data Types Database
While designing and defining tables in databases, it is important to find out the data type for each column in the data tables. A data type is an attribute which defines the type of data an object can retain: integer, string, data and time, etc. There are basically three main types: text, numbers and date/times. The data types are different, depending on the database management system (DBMS), the various types of which include SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.
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Many Oracle reserved words are valid object or column names in Microsoft SQL Server. For example, DATE is a reserved word in Oracle, but it is not a reserved word in Microsoft SQL Server. Therefore, no column is allowed to have the name DATE in Oracle, but a column can be named DATE in Microsoft SQL Server. Use of reserved words as schema object names makes it impossible to use the same names across databases.
You should choose a schema object name that is unique by case and by at least one other characteristic, and ensure
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