Data Base On Banking Files

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Data Base on Banking Files
Student name: Hari Sai Reddy Danda
Professor Name: Hammed Elbodour
Course Title: CMP 553-Analysis, Modeling&Design.
Date: Feburary-07-2015. Scope and Vision: The project is to create a data base for the bank this gives an idea about the daily, weekly, and monthly details. For this we have to design a data base to the extent of required by the user. Project is clear to understand and also helps the employer to access easily. Errors are negligible. In each phase of developing this project we achieve what the user really need and we satisfy the user. In our project user can freely gives access to their employers and also restrict the employer with certain bounders i.e. the team or management
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The resources provided by the management to design and help in testing and analysis after the completion of the project.
Role and Responsibilities in the project: In this project we required Experienced person in database tool, and also we required a good design to done our project without any complications and provide security on each every step in designing and modelling .So that we organised a structure to done everything in a systematic way to done the project in a smooth way
1. Collecting data and Analyse the Business need and plan duration 7 days.
2. Database design duration will be 8 days.
3. Define calculation and reports duration 3 days.
4. Entering data in the required field’s duration 3 days.
5. Analysing and testing the data base 3 days.
6. Final report and delivery to the user 2 days.
Organizational structure for our Project:

Work Break down Structure (WBS):

Work Break Down Structure (W.B.S)
Task name Duration Level of importance
Board of management 1-2 days Primary level
Project manager 1 day Primary level collection and Analysis the business needs 7 days Secondary level design Data Base 8 days Secondary level
Define calculations and reports 3 days Secondary level
Entering data and creating reports 3 days Secondary level
Analysis and Testing 3 days Secondary level
Final report and delivery 2 Days Secondary level

In the above
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