Data Breaches And The Healthcare Industry

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Summary of data breaches in hospital industry
Data breaches have become common nowadays especially in the healthcare industry. For example, a number of hacking events have been reported in the past years (Croll, 2007). Such events in the healthcare industry, have threatened the safety of private medical records. Since the healthcare environment posses the most valuable information of patients, they are the establishments who are most likely to suffer from hackers. Most importantly, patients worry about their confidential data being safe and secure (Dimitropoulos, 2009). Now that hospitals are adapting new technologies and are leaving paper charts behind, EMR (electronic medical records) are on the rise. With EMR systems, there is need to embrace data encryption to protect medical records and stored data. It is a fact that encryption technology is important in preventing data breaches.
The growing prevalence of publicizing data breaches has had a lot of impact and elicited different opinions among caregivers and patients in the healthcare. The healthcare administrators cannot ignore the systematic challenges and impacts posted by data breaches. In addition, patients are becoming quite involved in issues of security breaches within the healthcare systems, thus demanding effective communication along with steadfast measures to deal with cases of data breaches (Fensholt & Holloway, 2013). Thus, the concern on data breaches in the healthcare industry has become a critical topic…
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