Data Breaching And Its Effects

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Technical Foundations ICT 4005 Data Breaching and its effects By Chandan Bandi University College, University of Denver TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER PAGE ABSTRACT 3 WHAT IS DATA BREACHING? 3 CAUSES OF SECURITY BREACHES 5 APPLE PAY 7 APPLE PAY: SECURITY 7 CONSEQUENCES OF DATA BREACHING 8 PREVENTIVE MEASURES FOR SECURITY BREACH 9 CONCLUSION 10 REFERENCES 10 ABSTRACT: My paper describes about the most important and burning issue in any organization which is “Data Breaching”. Any industry whether it’s a large scale industry or a small scale industry handles very valued information. This paper describes about the various causes and effects of this data…show more content…
Today, the security breaches at an alarming stage, Last year there were nearly 1 billion cases registered of the compromised records. There are many globally organized criminal networks like “black hat” hackers who are completely devoted in stealing confidential data. The malicious software developed by these hackers is sold on an underground black market. In this market, criminals trade the stolen information which then shared numerous times. The companies which suffer data breach not only lose their confidential information but also the reputation can all be negatively impacted in the aftermath of even a single incident. If a data breach results in serious identity theft then the organization may have to undergo criminal prosecution. Fig 2: Info graphic representing who are responsible for security breach CAUSES OF SECURITY BREACHES: The idea behind providing initiative for security was to make the strong security system to secure the organization by install products like firewalls and also by adding more policies. In spite of presence of well-developed security awareness and cutting-edge tools, year 2006 recorded most cases of security breach in corporate sector and this security risk is day by day increasing and continuing its ill effects. The core problem behind these attacks is that as the security systems are developing, the attackers are also getting
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