Data Center Assurance Program Project

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Process Analysis
Cisco Systems went ahead with modified version of waterfall model for Data Center Assurance Program (DCAP) project. Though waterfall model is old and have less success rate, it suited DCAP project quite well. As the goals and scope of the project is fixed throughout the project and release cycles are about 6-8 months it is easy to use waterfall model. Partial overlap between various phases existed. This allowed for parallel execution of few tasks and helped in effective resource utilization and on time project delivery. All the engineers are involved in all the stages of the project. Also there any enough resources to replace the ones who left the project. Standard disaster recovery practices of a real-time production data center are not fallowed, but those required for the project to replicate the real-time scenario are used. For instance, to make sure the real time environment like distance between two data centers, wan emulators are used.
Effectiveness of Initial Planning The detailed analysis of requirements and studying the real time scenario by visiting customer’s location proved to be good in refining project goals. No all the project members are given opportunity to study customer’s environment which is practiced due to budget issues. The decision to fallow modified version of water fall model fitted the project quite well. But the overlapping of the phases is not quite long and proved deficient. This resulted in ineffective resource utilization.
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