Data Centers And Its Effects On The Internet

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Have you ever wondered what has been able to power up all of the websites that we use on the internet? Well, they are called data centers. These data centers are what support all of the digital information. There are specific data centers that are used when people download movies off of iTunes, look at their credit card balances through Visa’s website, send a yahoo e-mail that has files attached, buy items on Amazon, post tweets and even access online newspapers, but these data centers have been creating some problems. Data centers need a lot of energy to run. They are known to waste over 90 percent more electricity than is actually used. This is due to online companies keeping their websites running all night, which wastes electricity. To improve the problem of wasting electricity, they began using generators that give off deasil exhaust. As a result, the data centers revived citations from the authorities for going against the clean air regulation. They only resulted to this to try and save electricity. There has been a lot of energy used to power data centers. So much energy used, that digital warehouses hold up to thirty billion watts of electricity. Peter Gross, who has designed many data centers, said, “A single data center can take more power than a medium sized town.”(2) The amount of energy used usually depends on the specific company that uses the data center. Most of the energy used in data centers are to keep the servers prepared just in case of a surge,
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