Data Collection Analysis and Measurement Elements Used in Research Studies

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Qualitative Research Study Abstract This paper identifies data collection, analysis, and measurement elements used in research studies. The paper analyses the publication Missed Nursing Care by Kalisch, B.J and discusses the methods of data collection and analysis the author used. Study Method In this research, a qualitative study was used during data collection and analysis. The researcher used focus group interviews during her study which encompassed nursing staff working in medical-surgical units in two major state hospitals. The hospitals used in this study were; a 210-bed hospital in the southern region and a 458-bed regional medical center in the northern parts of the United States of America. Sample For this study, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and nursing assistants were used as the sample. The total sample used in this study comprised of 107 registered nurses, 15 licensed practical nurses, and 51 nursing assistants working in medical-surgical patient care units. These individuals were divided in 25 focus groups and an in-depth interviewing was used to extract information from them. The staff members were segregated by job title in the focus groups to maximize the communication of issues that they may be reluctant to verbalize with other members of the team present. Data collection The focus group interviews used a semi-structured design. Each focus group lasted 90 to 120 minutes. Focus group participants were asked to commit to
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