Data Collection And Questionnaire Design

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This chapter will address the research methodology used to satisfy these research objectives stated in chap one. It begins by explain the expected sample size and sampling method. This is followed by the methods of data collections and questionnaire design. Finally, the proposed the data analysis techniques used in this study are established.
Sampling Method
According to Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill (2009), in research questions where it would be impracticable for researchers to colect data from the entire population, it is necessary to select a sample. Sampling is “the process of selecting a sufficient number of the right elements from the population, so that a study of the sample and an understanding of its properties or
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Furthermore, a precise sample size should be met in order to make generalizations with confidence about the constructs under investigation. Therefore, the sample statistics can reflect the population parameters as accurately as possible with only a narrow margin of error (Sekaran, 2010). The target population of this research is the Vietnamese customers who choose to dine in vegetarian restaurants situating in Hanoi city, Vietnam. According to the General Office for population family planning, the population of Hanoi city was 6.448.837. According to the calculation for minimum sample size, the sample size required to achieve a 95% level of confidence with margin of error of 5% was estimated as 385 (Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill, 2009). The researcher finally acquired only ? responses or about ? of the total sampling size because of the time and budget limitation. However, Aaker, Kumar and Day (2007) stated that 200 samples are sufficient to check the reliability and possibility of the results
Data collection
A mix qualitative and quantitative research was used in this study. These include literature review, focus group interview, and survey. In the initial phrase, a focus group interview and literature review were used for identification the appropriate selection attributes and other relevent issues. The issue is to identify the attributes that play a
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