Data Collection Approach

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Data Collection Approach Interviews Polls and Surveys Perceptions Center Groups Ethnographies, Oral History, and Case Studies Reports and Records Communication Approach The communication approach includes reviewing or talking with individuals and recording their reactions for investigation. An overview is an estimation procedure used to gather data amid a profoundly organized meeting The great strength of the review as an essential information gathering methodology is its flexibility. A study that uses the phone, mail, a PC, email, or the Internet as the medium of correspondence can grow geographic scope at a small amount of the expense and time required by perception. Sources of Error Three major sources of error in communication research Measurement inquiries and review instrument inability to secure full member collaboration, inability to record answers precisely and totally, inability to reliably execute meeting techniques, inability to set up fitting meeting environment, misrepresentation of answers, wrong affecting conduct, and physical nearness inclination Participants and Questions Three elements impact member investment: The member must trust that the experience will be wonderful and fulfilling. The member must trust that noting the study is advantageous. The member must release any mental reservations about investment. Researchers/Interviewers 1) Select or create wrong inquiries, 2) Ask them in unseemly request, or 3) Use unseemly moves and guidelines to
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